List Of Services

Welcome to a list of all the services we offer! We are consistently upgrading equipment and services that we provide at GQ Lightmosphere. We truly love being diverse and flexible in what we do to help provide the best experience possible for all of our clients. Always be on the lookout for new additions to this list and don’t be afraid to ask any ideas you have!

DJ Services

Enjoy our quality DJ services and experience for your quality event! We have some of the best, easy to work with DJ’s in the business who love to serve! Check out our packages by clicking on the icon!

Dance Floor

We are now offering our all white dance floor up to a 15x15 ft. coverage! 

$4.00 per sq. ft. 

Cold Sparks

Add pizazz to your event by booking your Cold Sparks! Our Cold Sparks are non-flammable and are safe indoors and outdoors. We also offer 360-Cold Sparks for an incredible experience you'll never forget. 

2 Cold Spark Machines $399

4 Cold Spark Machines $699

360-Spark Machine $1,100 

Wireless Uplights

We setup our Wireless Uplights to virtually any color you request - even if you want the colors interchangeable! Our high-quality uplights are high powered blend in with any decorations for your event!

Per Light $25 

Cake Lighting $65

Spotlight $199 

Dance On A Cloud/Wedding Entrance 

One of our most beautiful effects that we love being a part of. Whether you and your significant other are getting that first dance, or there’s if a big reveal, this effect is a must see!

2 Dry Ice Machines $395 

Dance Floor / DJ Lighting

Dance the night away with our dance floor lights that flash, jump, fade and move to the music! 

Moving Dance Floor Lights $225

Stand Still Lights $150 per stand

Textured Walls/Designs 

Custom images projected onto walls during your event to enhance your theme! This is an amazing add on that can be projected to walls, ceilings or floors! 


Multicolor LED Party Sticks

Party time! You and your guests will have a blast wtih our NEW Multicolor LED Party Sticks!

$60 per 100


Wedding sparklers with a variety of tags for send offs! 

$0.90 Each

String Lights

Indoor/Outdoor dimmable string lights to set the tone of your events! We have 200+ Feet of string lighting available for rent. 

$2.55 per foot